Facts to Consider When Booking A Limo Service

Finding a good limo service can be a bit tricky. With endless options of companies and cars to choose from, how do you choose the right one?


Here is a list of major facts you need to know when looking at different limo services: 

1) Licenses and associations: all of our limos are licensed, our service has a license number to allow our company to legally operate, & as a reputable company we are apart of the OLOA (Ontario Limousine Owners Association).

2) Years in Business: business experience is important.

3) Insurance: each vehicle has commercial insurance as it is required to.

4) Live Inspection: we welcome our clients to check out our vehicles in person prior to booking. It’s important to inspect the vehicle and verify the make, model, and amenities inside the limousine.

5) Referrals: one of the best ways to find good limo services is through word of mouth. We are proud to say many of our clients are from trustworthy first hand referrals.

6) Hours of Operation: we are available to attend your call 24/7. Hence, no matter how early or late your required service may be, we are approachable and there to assist you at anytime anywhere.

7) Fleet Size/Style: Every year, we enhance the Allure fleet with the most recent and up to date models; there are no limitations for us as we collaborate with other transportation companies within the industry to accommodate our clients’ needs.

8) Driver Screening: our hired chauffeurs are required to take a drug test, have a physical, run a criminal background check, have a  clean driving record, and be familiar with our service area.